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Classic Sets

All clients are subject to a 20% deposit upon booking.


Classic Full Set | 1.5 - 2 hours | $110                                                       

With a classic full set, individual extensions are applied to your natural lashes to ensure your eyes will pop!


Classic Fill | 1 hour+ | $75                                                      

All fills must have 50% or more regardless of the week fill you are coming in. If you have less than 50% then you will be charged for a full set.


Fills from another lash tech | $85

*Depending on quality of previous work



Eyelash Removal  | 15 minutes | $20                                               

Lash extension removal and clean up of any residue on natural lashes.


Makeup Removal | $5

Your eyes have to be free of makeup and oils before an eyelash extension application. Didn't have time to remove your makeup before your appointment after a busy day? We got you covered!

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