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Refresher Classic Course

( for non Secret Beauty Co students) 


Don’t think you had enough training? Need more help with lash mapping and lashing technique with with classic or volume? Need someone to guide you and help you be more confident in lashing clients? Take our 1 day refresher course! We’ll go through lash mapping in more detail for you to understand and how to apply lashes more effectively and efficiently. We'll help you with your fanning and how to make the most beautiful sets and so much more!

Please let us know which refresher course you are coming in for. Classic or Volume. 


What is included

-      Confidentiality and Waiver Sample

-      Certificate of Completion

-      10% off on Secret Beauty Co Products


What is required from you

-      Classic Certificate or Volume Certificate 

-      Isolation Tweezers

-      Pick up Tweezers

-      1 live Model


All Beds, lamps, Glue, Gel Patches, & Mascara Wands will be provided for training.

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