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Volume Lash Course


Secret Beauty Co. Volume Course teaches the basic Russian volume technique such as 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, etc. We also teach you the True Russian Volume method along with 4 different fanning techniques as we know each individual artist may have their own different preferences. Our lash mapping is elaborated in more detail to help students understand more about the different eye shapes and styles including fun styles such as the Staggered and or Kim K style. We go into more detail about volume lash weight safety ( Lash Formula )  and approximately how much a client can handle. All of our course manual is made through a Power Point presentation that will always be accessible anytime anywhere. Take your lash game to the next level!


What is Included?

2 Days of Training.

-    Volume Tweezers x 2 (Curved and boot) 

-    Adhesive - Professional Lash Glue ( Lash affair ) 

-    4 Multi Lengths Lash Trays. Volume lash C,D . ( Lash affair ) 

-     Practice Fanning Worksheet

-    Gel Patches x 5

-    Brushes  x 5

-    Waiver and confidentiality sample.

-    Mentorship and ongoing support with up to date skill technique videos added to our student login.

-    Free Refresher Course

-    Certificate of completion

-    10% off on Secret Beauty Co products.

-    Certificate


What is required from you: 2 day course

-Previous Classic certificate. ( If you do not have one please provide me with some pictures of your work or your Instagram) 

- 2 Live Model 

- Isolation Tweezer 


Beds, Lamps, Gel patches & Mascara Wands will be provided for training. 


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