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Classic Lash Course

Secret Beauty Co. Classic Course teaches the basic lashing technique in a new innovated environment with a master lash artist using a powerpoint manual.  We teach you how to apply 1 individual extension to 1 natural lash in a safe and skillful manner. Our lash mapping is elaborated in more detail to help students understand more about the different eye shapes and styles. We also go through product startup and cost, where to buy your products, business managing and future plans. We pride ourself on working with you to find your most comfortable technique because we don't just teach you the skill but we also work on you and your future business or hobby!


What is included?

2 Days of training.

Product kit with enough supplies to work on 20+ clients.



-Pick up


- Adhesive

- Professional Lash Glue (Lash Affair ) 

- Remover - Professional Lash Remover  ( Lash Affair ) 


- 4 Multi Length Trays. C, D curls  ( Lash Affair ) 


- Nano Mister x 1

- Tiles x 1

- Micro Swabs x 100

- Gel Patch x 12 

- Mascara Wands x 25 

- Tape x 2

- Practice Lash x 4

- Sponges x 2

- Disposable Face Mask x 4 


-    Waiver and confidentiality sample.

-    Mentorship and ongoing support with up to date skill technique videos added to our student login.

-    Free Refresher Course

-    Certificate of completion

-    10% off on Secret Beauty Co products.


What is Required from you. 

- 3 Different Live models


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