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Product Details:

  • Maximum Bond
  • Black cap
  • Low Vapor (fume) 
  • 5-7 week hold
  • 1-2 second dry time
  • Latex-free
  • Slightly thinner viscosity than "The One" 

Lash Affair® Adhesive Instructions:

  • Keep your treatment room at 45-55% humidity and 70º to stabilize the adhesive throughout application
  • Shake your adhesive before every use. 
  • When dispensing adhesive, make sure bottle is completely upside-down (not at an angle) to limit air getting into the bottle. Let gravity dispense the drop
  • "Burp" the bottle after each use to release trapped air from the nozzle
  • Clean the tip of your bottle with a cotton-free sponge to avoid it sticking to the cap
  • Always keep the cap on your bottle to limit air exposure
  • For optimal results replace after 4 weeks

Intended for lash extension professionals only

True Love - 10 mL

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